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Tetris has been around since 1984 and the puzzle game is still hugely popular, so it is the most sold and downloaded game ever. And to think that it was made in a few days. The success is partly due to the simple, yet addictive nature of the game. There are only 2 controls, you can move the tetrominoes, so the puzzle pieces that fall from top to bottom are moved horizontally and you can rotate them, that’s all. The ultimate goal is also simple, fill in empty holes and try to make full rows, if these rows disappear you get points. Tetris has been in existence for 30 years and in 2007 took the second place in the selection of the 100 best video games of all time.

Play Tetris Unblocked Online Free

The first Tetris game that could be played on the PC was programmed by Vadim Gerasimov. But nowadays you can find Tetris in all sizes. For example, there are mods where the tetrominoes – the blocks – have been replaced by completely different objects and of course all kinds of free Tetris online. The original Nintendo version of Tetris continues to hold many fans and the music that you hear contributes to that! Anyone who has ever played Tetris on Nintendo knows the theme song, which is based on the Russian national anthem (Korobejniki).

Find out what this is why this game is popular after so many years

The rules are very simple, but depending on the level and speed, it is not easy to play a Tetris online game over several minutes. But the game has a high addictive factor. And with us, you have the advantage that you can play Tetris unblocked as often and as long as possible – without costs and obligations! The only thing you have to do is decide on the Tetris game you want. Already the fun can begin. Tetris is a good pastime as a game that can easily be played in between to clear your mind. All Tetris games are offered in color and not like the first classics for the Gameboy in black and white.

Did You Know Why This Game Is Called Tetris?

The name comes from the Greek prefix of tetra, meaning four, because the parts you play with are made up of four segments, and the words tennis – the favorite sport of Russian scientist Alexei Pažitnova, the creator of this game. The inspiration for creating Tetris Alexei found in a puzzle playing childhood, called pentomino. In it, there are small wooden forms (according to which the tetramines were created).


Tetris: The Best Game Ever?

During the 30 years of existence, Tetris has repeatedly won the title of the best game ever or was close to that title. Tetris in the Top 100 list of the best games of all time, compiled by Game Informer Magazine, Tetris came in 3rd. That was in 2001, and in 2006 Tetris took 6th place in the list of 200 best modern-day games.

World Tetris Day and Tetris Contests

As the International Day of Tetris, it is celebrated on June 26th, when Tetris caravan visits the world metropolis, organizes competitions and promotion of this game. Last seen in Sydney, Australia, and the next destination has not yet been selected. Which city will be the next capital of Tetris can be found at tetris.com. There you can also see who are the current champions and who is “destroying” Tetris.

Interesting Things About Tetris Online Free

  1. So far the best-selling Tetris game has sold in about 40 million copies
  2. When all the Tetris games (different titles and variations) are collected, Tetris is sold in over 100 million copies in physical form (cartridges, CDs and other media)
  3. On the list of best selling games, Tetris is 6th
  4. The smallest Tetris in the world was played using microscopes and using the microsphere in Amsterdam, at the Institute of Physics
  5. Tetris is also played on skyscraper windows around the world, and the record in the winners is preserved by students of the Dutch University since 1995
  6. The game has been translated into over 50 languages
  7. Tetris came out in version for over 30 platforms
  8. It is played by residents of more than 50 countries every day
  9. So far over 135 million Tetris copies have been sold via mobile devices
  10. There is also the Academy for the Excerpt of Tetris and the Academy where it is learned how to play

The truth about Tetris: You can never beat Tetris Online!


Suddenly, a virus paralyzed the Computer Center of the Academy of Sciences in Moscow. The center of Russian computer technology, the shelter of the Eastern Bloc developer elite, the place where Nuclear Winter and Sputnik trajectory were calculated – completely disabled. It was a particularly malicious virus: it had not infested the computers – but the humans who sat in front of it. For hours, days, weeks, they stared blankly at their screens, unable to do their job.


Spreading like a Virus

It all started in the spring of 1984. Alexej Paschitnow, a young programmer at the Academy, began developing a computer game in his free time. His plan: “Pentamino”, a traditional Russian puzzle to bring to life on the computer. When Paschitnow got his first version of the game up and running, something magical happened: though without sound and color, it immediately captivated him.

“At first I thought something was wrong with me,” he recalls in the BBC’s documentary “‘Tetris’ – From Russia with Love,” “I just could not stop playing.” But soon Paschitnow realized that it was not just him. Each of his colleagues, whom he showed the game, was immediately tied up. After a short time “Tetris”, as Paschitnow had meanwhile christened the game, ran on almost all computers of the computer center – hardly any work was done. From there, the virus spread epidemic-like. Colleagues Paschitnow had passed the program. “Two weeks after the first test, the game ran on every computer in Moscow,” recalls Paschitnow. From Moscow, the game first conquered Russia, then, gradually, all the other Soviet states. The epidemic came to a standstill on the Iron Curtain – for the time being.

How Did Tetris Develop?

  • 1984. Russian scientist Alexey Pažitnov developed in the Soviet Union a game for the Electronica 60 computer, which was produced in Russia
  • 1985. Tetris was ported to the IBM PC and quickly expanded throughout the Soviet Union.
  • 1987 Tetris arrives in America on a PC with a logo in Russian Cyrillic.
  • In 1988, Tetris arrived in a new form in Japan, and thanks to the support of Bullet-Proof Software, the new Tetris is sold in over two million copies and becomes an instant hit in that Japan and America.
  • In 1989, Nintendo purchased a Tetris license, and he on the Game Boy platform is experiencing incredible success, with sales of over 35 million cartridges. In the same year, Tetris receives four software Oscars, through four awards for “incredible soft work and contribution.”
  • 1992. Tetris is recognized as a game that contributes to the development and better functioning of the brain and part of its functions, which is scientifically confirmed.
  • 1996. The “The Tetris Company”, which has exclusive rights to Tetris, was established, and standards were established for the game to develop.
  • 1997. Tetris gets a new logo, which is still used today.
  • 2002. The development of Tetris for mobile devices begins in the Blue Java company.
  • 2005. EA (Electronic Arts) buys Blue Jav and along with it a 15-year license to develop Tetris games.

Tetris Unblocked Game

Tetris owes its popularity to mobile phones, where it was one of the main games in the time of monochrome screens until 2002, and today is also a big hit but in a new and more modern package. You can play Tetris online free on the web without any cost or installing tricky software. All I can say is Tetris is the absolute classic among computer games.